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Last updated: May, 24 2018

In this page they are present the norms on the privacy that you/they regulate the web site of exclusive ownership of Antenucci Duilio, head office : AUTOSTELLO - Piazzale Anelli - 70013 Castellana Grotte (BA) Italy - Tel. 080.4965495 - Tel/Fax 080.4965916 - P.Iva 03812760720 (Titular of the Treatment of the Data) - Email:

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PRIVACY POLICY for the visitors of the site (in accordance to D. Lgs.196/03 and European Directive regarding GDPR regulation, acronym of General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016)

The present Privacy Policy has the purpose to describe the formalities of management of this site, in reference to the treatment of the personal data of the consumers that you/they visit him/it. This an informative is made also to the senses of the art. 13 of the D. Lgs. 196/03 and of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (code in subject of protection of the personal data) to the visitors that connect him to the site web in matter and usufruiscono of various services to it associates. The consumers/visitors are kept to very attentively read the present Privacy Policy before inserting any type of personal information e/o to fill out whatever electronic form for the contacts present on this site.

Processing of Personal Data

Antenucci Duilio, head office : AUTOSTELLO - Piazzale Anelli - 70013 Castellana Grotte (BA) Italy - Tel. 080.4965495 - Tel/Fax 080.4965916 - P.Iva 03812760720 - email : Inside this site the withdrawn data e/o inserted by the consumers is treated by Holder of the Treatment of the data (owner site) and by its collaborators. These last ones have authorization directed by the Holder of the Treatment of the data.

Typology of data essays and finality of the treatment

The data that could be picked from this site are the name, the last name, the address, the telephone, the email, the fax, the date of birth, the time of birth, the address IP and other referable data to the generalities of the consumer or to the technical formalities of access of the consumer to the site. In case of conferment of sensitive personal data (gives personal fit as political opinions, are of health, religious affiliation, etc...), it would be able the consent to be necessary of the party to their treatment. Some data are tightly necessary so that the consumer can use some services that the site makes available.

If the consumer, using the services made by the site, public through them or it communicates same (for instance through email) data to the site sensitive concerning bystanders, you/he/she must have get the consent to their use / diffusion and it assumes the complete responsibility however.

Data retention period

The data are processed and stored for the time required by the purposes; for which they were collected. In any case, these data refer simply to the name, surname, e-mail that the sender of a message can send to the Data Controller, who, after answering the questions, deletes the messages without them being stored on a databases that you do not use.

User rights

Users may exercise their rights with reference to the data processed by the Data Controller. At any time the user can; contact the owner of the site to exercise his rights including:

1. Withdrawal of consent to the processing of data at any time.

2. Access to your data.

3. Limitation of data processing.

4. Request for cancellation or removal of personal data.

5. Receive your data for any reason in a structured and readable form on an IT basis.

Right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten is a right to cancellation and is described in various articles of the European regulation GDPR (articles 17, 18, 19). In particular, article 17 describes the conditions that allow the user to request the deletion of data and information present online. The data must be deleted if they are no longer necessary for the purposes of the treatment for which they were collected.

Formality and place of the Treatment of the picked data

The holder absolutely treats the data in way conforming to the Italian and European law, adopting overall the necessary safety measures to avoid their diffusion toward non authorized subjects. The treatment is effected through computer tools e/o telematici, with organizational formality and with correlated logics tightly to the suitable finalities. Besides the holder, you/they could have access to the data some operating ones that are tightly tied as webmaster to the activity of the same site, legal, hosting provider, etc... Whoever of these opertoris has the authorization from the Holder of the Treatment of the Data. A possible application of the names of these operators can be made through email to the Holder of the Treatment of the Data.

The data withdraws/inserts from the consumers they are essays near the center of the Holder of the Treatment. An use of the treatment of the data out of the Countries members of the European union you/he/she could ask for the consent from the consumer.

The data withdrawn by this site are not memorized in database present on possible server and therefore you/they are not preserved if not to level of simple received email. However the interested consumer can ask for the cancellation of these emails communicating him/it for electronic mail to the Holder of the Treatment of the Data.

Finality of the Treatment of the picked data

The data furnished by the utente/visitatore are used for allowing the Holder to furnish some services the dispatch and the receipt of email, statistic, visualization of contained by external bases, interaction with social network and with other external services.

Services of before and third part that you/they pick up the data

Form of contact for the consumers

Form of contact to the page Write us

The consumer, compiling with his/her own data the form of contact, it consents to their use to ask information respect the contents of the site.

Personal data withdrawn : last name, name, email, street, cap, city, province, is, telephone, fax, in demand info, number people, age children, give arrival, gives departure, setup, treatment.

Youtube it allows to integrate, through the collecting of a code embed, video on this site web. Advanced formality is used for the privacy of Youtube and therefore the code embed contains an address of the type

Personal data withdrawn : Data of use.

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Google Maps it allows to integrate, through the collecting of a code embed, maps on this site web.

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Exercise of the rights from the consumers

The consumers that furnish the data through this site can ask for of it the presence of their existence, to know the content and the origin, to verify the exactness, to ask the rectification, the change in anonymous form, the block of them and you/they can finally oppose to their use. All in demand qeustes must have done to the Holder of the Treatment of the Data through the dispatch of an email.

Information and changes to this privacy policy

The present informative on the privacy policy (in fulfillment of the anticipated obligations from the Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46/CE and from the Directive 2002/58/CE, adjourned by the Directive 2009/136/CE), you/he/she is compiled in by autonomous and with full assumption of responsibility from the Holder of the Treatment of the Data. The Holder of the Treatment the right reserves him to bring changes to the present privacy policy in any moment following changes of services made on the site or to changes of law. The consumer therefore you/he/she must often visit this page to verify that its data are used in opportune way.

Present informative privacy exclusively concerns the site in matter and you/he/she has not absolutely reported to other sites whose connections are eventually present in this same site.