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Cookie policy - (The Guarantor's provision for the protection of the personal data n. 229/2014)

The Guarantor of the Privacy has recepito a European directive (what you can read here) what it imposes web to show a banner to the consumers for the acceptance to the administrators of sites or no of the use of the cookies of the site that you/they are consulting and to subordinate his/her acceptance to the pursuance of the navigation.

What the cookies are

The cookies are text files used by the servers web to be able to recognize the browsers during communications with the protocol HTTP used for the navigation web. Such recognition allows to realize mechanisms of authentication, for instance used for the logins, to memorize useful data to the session of navigation as the preferences on the graphic or linguistic aspect of the site, to associate data memorized by the server, for instance the content of the cart of a shop and-commerce, to trace the navigation of the consumer, for instance for statistic or advertising ends.

There are various types of cookies

Permanent cookies (persistent cookies): these cookies remain on the device up to when the consumer doesn't cancel them.

Temporary cookies (cookies of session): these cookies disarmed to the closing of the browser.

The cookies also distinguish it in base to their use

Technical cookies: The technical cookies are those used to the elegant solo to tightly effect the transmission of a communication on a net of electronic communication or in the necessary measure to the supplier of a service of the society of the information expressly required from the subscriber or from the consumer to disburse such service.

Cookies of profilazione: they are directed to create profiles related to the consumer and you/they are used with the purpose to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested online by the same within the navigation.

Cookies of third parts: they are directed to create profiles related to the consumer and you/they are used with the purpose to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested online by the same within the navigation.

The prosecution of the navigation through access to other area of the site or selection of an element of the same (for instance, of an image or of a link) involves the performance of the consent to the use of the cookieses.

The cookies used by this site

This site uses the files of log holding trace therefore of information as IP addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), dates, now, page of entry and exit and the number of clics of the consumers. These information don't allow to bring back in any way to the consumer that visits this site.

This site uses the cookies to memorize information on the preferences of the consumers and on the pages visited by these last ones.

This site uses cookies of profilazione and of third parts with the purpose to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested online by the consumer within the navigation.

The site uses technical cookies and of analytics (anonymous form)

This site makes use of Google AdSense to display contextual advertising to journal articles. When users see these ads on the pages of this site in their browser it is created a cookie DoubleClick DART. Google, so as the third party vendor, uses cookies to serve such ads on this site. Your use of the DART cookie allows Google to serve ads to users based on their visit to the sites and to other Internet sites. The data collected through this Cookies are used to help AdSense publishers to publish and manage the ads on their sites and the Web. These cookies do not allow in any way to personally identify you, and do not include personal details like name, address, email address or telephone number. End users can choose not to use the DoubleClick DART cookie by visiting the general rules on privacy and privacy policy specific to the services Google advertising. The rules for DoubleClick DART cookies can be found here.

Read here How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.

Read here How Google uses cookies.

Disabling cookies by the user

The operator of this website can not disable the use of cookies by third-party servers but the user can' disable cookies from your browser. For information see below :

Disabling cookies on Firefox - read here

Disabling cookies on Chrome - read here

Disabling cookies on Internet Explorer - read here

Disabling cookies on Opera - read here

Disabling cookies on Safari - read here

The user can block or limit the receipt of cookies through the options of your browser.

On Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" in the Menu Bar and then on the item "Internet Options". Finally, access to the tab settings "Privacy" to change your preferences regarding cookies.

On Firefox, click on "Tools" in the Menu Bar and then on the item "Options". Finally access the settings under "Privacy" to change your preferences regarding cookies.

Chrome, type "chrome: // settings / content" in the address bar (without quotation marks), and change the settings for cookies as you want.

On Safari, select "Preferences" and then choose "Privacy". Under Block Cookie specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.

If you use Safari on portable devices, like iPhone and iPad, and must instead do so: go on "settings" and then find the device "Safari" menu on the' left. From here, in the "Privacy & Security", will be 'possible to manage the options on cookies.

To disable cookies for external services need to act on their settings :

Google services



Services of third parts used on this site

Form of contact for the consumers

Form of contact to the page Contact us

The consumer, compiling with his/her own data the form of contact, it consents to their use to ask information respect the contents of the site.

Personal data withdrawn : last name, name, email, street, cap, city, province, is, telephone, fax, in demand info, number people, age children, give arrival, gives departure, setup, treatment.

Youtube it allows to integrate, through the collecting of a code embed, video on this site web. Advanced formality is used for the privacy of Youtube and therefore the code embed contains an address of the type

Personal data withdrawn : Data of use.

Place of the treatment : USA Page Privacy Policy

Widget and buttons for the sharing of articles on different social

This site uses different buttons and widget to allow the sharing of contents on different social from the consumers navigators.

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Personal data withdrawn : cookies and data of use.

Place of the treatment : USA Page Privacy Policy

Titular of the Treatment of the Data

Duilio Antenucci, e-mail:

The installation of cookies and other systems of tracing performed by third parts through the services listed above you/he/she cannot technically be checked by the holder of the site but him it makes all the useful information to do so that every consumer available can choose whether to accept or no the installation of these cookies on his/her device. For any information the consumer can contact the holder of the site and the treatment of the data and possession you increase explanations on the use of the used cookies. If holds him necessary, this page you/he/she can suffer variations following new normative in force.